Understand The Longboards With More Tips Here

Board – skating is interesting, which cannot be denied. Young generations are much interested in this activity. You should know that skating on the street is not simple and it is dangerous all the time. Almost all the blogs and sites say that you will overcome all the dangers once you are skillful. That is not true.

To prepare for this activity, you ought to get a really good longboard. In this article, I will tell you more about this item to help you understand about it deeper.

Types Of Longboard

You should know that with just a longboard, you can still perform different styles of skating. However, you had better stick to one style in order to specialize in it.  You can learn to skate in different styles after you are skillful in the style you like. Here are several types of longboards you should know and each type is suitable for one style of skating.

Downhill Longboard

Downhill longboard is for skating from the slope. Of course, the roads are smooth. You cannot skate on the grass field. The downhill longboard is stiff. You know, when you skate downhill, you will have to deal with the slope and the longboard will run at high speed.

If the longboard is not stiff enough, it will be easily broken when you fail to flip the board. In addition, if you are not careful, the longboard deck will be broken and you will get injured.

In comparison with any other type of longboard, the downhill type is of the most stability. When you skate downhill, the longboard can help you control your speed effectively on the grounds that skating downhill is more dangerous.

Free – Ride Longboard

With a free – ride longboard, you can feel the stability. It is a longboard for multiple skating styles. There are also many designs for a free – ride longboard. If you want to perform different skills on the air, a free – ride longboard is suitable.

Commuting Longboard

A commuting longboard is suited to skate on a flat street. This type of longboard has its featuring design. With this longboard, you can skate to your school. Skating on this type of longboard is flexible and much easier as you will not perform difficult skills with it.

Carving Longboard

If you pursue carving skating, a carving longboard will be of the most suitability. You know, carving means that you will stand on the longboard and then make waves on the street. That’s called carving style.

These are four main types of longboards that you should know. If you choose a longboard that is not suited to your favorite style, you will meet a lot of difficulties in skating. It is also difficult to control the longboard as you want.

6 Main Parts Of A Longboard

In addition to the main types of longboard, you should also get to know about the 6 major parts of the board. They are:

  • The deck
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Grip – tape
  • Trucks
  • Hardware

When you come to the store and select the board, you will have to take notice of these parts. It is you responsibility to test these parts to appraise the quality of the board. Therefore, do not neglect these important parts.

Great Features Of A Longboard

You ought to see the great features of the longboard that you aim at. There are several features you will have to care about. I bet that some outstanding features of the longboard will make you more interested in the board. Considering the main features is also a significant step.

Bottom Line

I am also a fan of board – skating and I really love to skate on the longboard. Since I got my new board for skating – the longboard, I have never skated on other type of board on the grounds that I get used to the longboard for so long. I hope that you will have a deeper apprehension about the longboard. Feel free to send us your questions if you want ask about anything related to board – skating.


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