What Is The Appropriate Bicycle For Backpacking?

Go backpacking  always the youth participation as adventurous, challenging as well as its novelty. If the day before, the 8x generation often travels by motorcycle, nowadays, people 9x are more active, bolder by the decisions of using bike across all roads. For those who have tried cycling to go the backpacking, then surely this is a very memorable experience and unforgettable in their life. Let’s find out what kind of bike is suitable for people going the backpacking. They are all best hardtail mountain bike under 1000 coming from the well-known manufacture.

The Mountain Bike

Mountain bike is the top priority selected by the people going backpacking by bicycle. With the large-size  and certain wheels, surely you will not be afraid to going on a steep mountain road, or rough, rocky terrain with jagged potholes. As is specifically designed for the terrain, the weight of the vehicle should be relatively heavy and make the user when using this car also takes a lot of effort.

Mountain bikes are not vehicles of its speed, so the travel time will not be as fast as the speed. According to the backpacker, if you want to go through national areas or go backpacking to distant places, you need to install additional braze – on. This installation is a part of the saddle for transporting luggage to help you have more convenience when traveling. In addition, you should also add borders certainly fitting for both front and rear wheels to prevent the sticky dirt thrown on your face when it rains. Adding a further note for you when choosing the mountain bike for backpack is to use wheels with more than 36 spokes not to make broken spokes regularly during your journey.

The Racing Bicycle

Unlike mountain bike, the racing bike is specialized in the vehicle speed. When using a bicycle to go backpack, you will go faster but in return, you can not go in bad and bumpy roads. To prevent risks, the best remedy  when going backpacking bicycle, you should bring additional backup of the garages. You should also carefully consider when to go the backpacking  because this kind of bike  is easily slippery in the rain conditions.

The Pragmatic Bicycles

This is probably the kind of bicycle mostly used and much beloved by backpackers. As designed exclusively for tourism purposes, the pragmatic should not be as heavy as the mountain bike, nor slender and weak as a racing bicycle. From the handlebar to the system of increases / decreases Phil vehicles are produced with high-quality standards.The handlebars of the pragmatic make user ease of use and control postural changes, limiting the capacity loss when going backpacking by bicycle.

Currently, some car manufacturers worldwide with its reputation such as Dodge, Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot begin producing the mountain bicycle. The two-wheeled vehicle applications of advanced technology with many utilities will promise success for the company alongside the core product. Let’s take a look at some well-known brands.

-First of all, the Peugeot-Citroën French carmaker has produced some mountain used for the terrain called Aston Martin One 77. With the hydraulic disc brakes, integrated LED, the chassis is made of carbon fiber, which makes the Aston Martin One 77 becomes one of the most luxurious bikes that a bike can have. Like other products of Aston Martin, the Aston Martin One 77 price is not cheap, $ 39,000 / unit.

-Audi – manufacturers of German luxury cars, are also very busy with plans to produce its own the mountain bike. Recently, Audi introduced a concept of mountain bikes, which can cost up to $ 19,500. According to the Sport Racing Bike, Audi’s super products use carbon fiber body frame, so it just weighs about 5.8 kg lightweight.

If you can’t afford to own a BMW M3, you can still go far away with a BMW bike. German car maker launched two new versions of its products, the price of $ 1,350 for all terrain vehicles.

-Chevrolet has launched three models in the Argentinean market in 2014. The samples of the mountain bikes, folding bikes (vehicles can be folded away in the trunk steam distilled) and the children bike range the price from 375 to 925 USD.

-Ford’s electric bikes are for sale for $ 3,700. It weighs only 62 pounds (24 kg), but can take the owner to move over a distance up to 46 km at a speed of about 32km biggest / h.

I’m Mountain BikeEZ form America, a professional rider with a lot of experience in the racing competition. For more than 10 years taking part in the great mountain bike tournament, I personally recommend that all of you should follow strictly all this sharing in order to purchase the state of the art product for daily using. Do not concern too much about the price of the bike but forget its inside quality. On the next section, I would like to share the detailed information on choosing the top of best mountain bike on the market. As a result, should the readers keep your eyes on this website for catching more and more interesting news?


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