Top 5 Most Nike Genuine Running Shoes On The Market

When it comes to the prestigious running shoes brands on the market now, people cannot ignore the Nike brand. Nike brand is constantly innovative and launched the series of product lines with a unique design shoes. Please read more information on the article below to choose the best running shoes for flat feet.

Nike Lebron 11 Running Shoes

The shoes buffer of 11 is designed based on the combination of two expensive materials. The weight of the shoes is also very slight compared to its appearance. It is evaluated as the lightest Lebron shoes versions which only weights 437gr, and is lighter than some form of shoes with the more elegant design. The difference in weight volume makes shoes have the great advantage when running for a long time.

The ability to hug the foot of the form of shoes and foot protection parts as heels, uppers, soles, and arch as well as border protection are highly appreciated.

The shoes sole is closely tight to the foot as well as feel the ground better. The buffer part makes the feet feel lower than Lebron 10 version, which contributes to make the foot look down the floor and better control the moving speed.

Nike Hyper Drunk

Was officially launched on Paul George’s foot, this latest Hyper dunk sample is based on three main technology which is the iconic during the last a long time, including Fly wire, Lunar on and Hyper fuse.

The designers have combined three technologies together with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčensuring the performance, as well as mild, but also cannot ignore the possibility ventilation and durability; resulting in a sample Nike Hyper dunk 2014 is extremely promising. With the ability to move in a natural way, to ensure the hug and comfort, hyper dunk 2014 will retain their ability to better performance on both the indoor and outdoor courts.

Nike Air Max 2011

Nike Air Max shoes are designed with the air holes in the sole to support for the comfortable movement. The large buffers of shoes seamlessly fit and it is improved compared to the previous sample shoes thanks to lightweight, innovative design and fit legs feeling better.

Durability and light weight advantages, as well as the ability to effectively exhaust, anti blocked in the inner lining of the Air Max shoes offer the optimal protection to the feet. The upper part of Ai Max 2011 shoes gains the similarities with hyper fuse shoes, with diverse materials with incredible light weight for the great suitability with your feet.

Nike Air Force 1

Air Force 1 has more than 1,700 versions with different colors and this number is strongly growing. However, the two basic colors white-on-white and black-on-black are still the most successful version and are the best-selling product lines. 12 million pair is the number of shoes sold in its peak period in 2005.

The figure reflects its popularity around the world. Air Force 1 grossed more than $ 800 million per year for Nike. The existence of these shoes for over 25 years tells us that the sustainability of the AF1 in the hearts of consumers.

Nike Free Run 5

All Nike Free Running shoes samples are the same in terms of elasticity to create the comfortable feeling for the users when operating.

The design of the Nike Free Run shoe line is very effective when dealing with loose ankle problem while performing difficult moves such as stride length, the grooves in the soles of shoes allow the foot can co stretch and move fluidly through good grip and feel like the shoe is controlling the movement.

Nike Free Run shoes 5.0+ is popular mainly for hiking, ordinary gym shoes, as well as for the purpose of running. There are many kinds of Nike shoes that are not suitable for users because it tends to narrowly, but Nike Free Run 5.0 is the opposite.

This product line can enable to offer individuals the most comfort and convenience. If you like a comfortable pair of shoes, which is flexible, with the gentle running, wearing a pair of Nike Free Running Shoes Slipper is definitely the right choice for you.


In spite of being the best-selling running shoes in the world, Nike is not highly appreciated by the professional running individuals due to its high cost, as well as the stiff competition from well- known brand specializing shoes for jogging and running such as Newton, Mizuno, and Brooks.

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