How To Purchase A Suitable Helmet

With various styles of bikes, there are many styles of bike helmets in the market to match with your preference and interest. You may know that you want to have a different bike to shred the bike park rather than to grind out a road century.

What you might not know is that you should equip yourself with the different helmets for the two different types of cycling. In fact, each type of helmet will be suitable for each type of terrain that you want to ride your bike such as downhill, cross-country, enduro, road biking or dirt-jump.

If you own a lot type of bikes, it is better for you to have a couple of different types of helmets to diversify your option and optimize the protection, comfort, weight, ventilation and feature to match with the riding that you participate in.

Let read this article to check out top full face motorcycle helmet in the market currently to have the best selection.

In fact, the selection of a full face helmet is not a piece of cake for those who just start biking or do not have much experience in choosing a helmet before because there are a lot of helmets in the market with different manufacturers and brand names. Besides, you need to have some basic knowledge about the helmet to understand the specifications of the product.

To save time and enrich your knowledge, you can read some reviews or instructions on the internet; you can equip yourself with the necessary information, which may partly help you during the purchasing process. You can also ask your friends or relatives who have experience in this field for advice.

In the following part, I will introduce to you some of the most common bike helmets so that you can diversify your selection.

Road Bike Helmets

The road bike helmet is typically designed with the low weight can the maximum ventilation as the major objectives rather than durability and protection. Although, it is made of fewer raw materials than other type of mountain bike helmets, the road helmet tend to retail significantly more.

Because crashing less happens on the road than on the trail, the road helmet might end up lasting much longer that the average mountain helmet. The road helmet has the same certifications as the half-shell mountain bike helmets.  You can read our reviews about the best road helmet to find the most comfortable and lightest helmets for this type of riding.

In addition to having the better ventilation and being lighter, the lack of a visor is another feature that can help us to identify this type of helmet. While the mountain biker can benefit from the eye protection from a visor, when riding in the drops on a road bike, a visor might interfere with looking down the road.

Aero helmets are the products which are designed for road biking. Currently, some producers have released hybrid helmets which are supposed to increase the aero efficiency.

Half-shell Mountain Bike Helmet.

The half-shell mountain bike helmet can cover around a half of your head. The helmet can protect the top and other part of your face but do not have a chin guard. Our reviews about best mountain bike helmet in the previous paper have provided you with a lot of information about how to choose a good mountain bike helmet.

The half-shell helmet is aimed at a lot of mountain bike disciplines, from the cross-country to even enduro. They will work fine to protect the casual cyclists and the commuters.

Actually, the half-shell helmet weight much lighter than the full- face helmet, about one-third. However, it has better ventilation and does not restrict breathing. The helmet can bring you the comfort and convenience when using, however the protection is not as good as the full –face helmet.

To protect your head from unwanted accidents when riding, it is necessary for you to equip yourself with a high quality helmet. If you want to get more information or reviews about this product, you can freely contact us through our email or directly via out websites. You will be equipped with useful information and instruction.

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