Highlight Tips In Fishing For The Best Result

It takes for granted that the sea fishing is becoming popularly all over the world thanks to its benefits for the spirit and healthy body. To get the exciting fishing trip, you need to equip the necessary items from the fishing rod to the bait fish.

Besides, if you want to be the best fish finder under 200, you have to know the basic skill during the fishing. Click here will be some tips shared for you to get the high performance.

Coast Fishing (Surfcasting)

This is probably the easiest form of fishing. We will go fishing in areas with sandy beaches and shallow areas, or region with different depth created by the waves.

Deep water is the place that many fish gather to search for food. Thus, to the near-shore marine fish, be aware to identify the deep-water areas for new effective fishing.

To identify shallow, deep areas, the fisher must observe the waves, areas of ocean waves to roll up shallow, in which the area with no waves rollling up will be the deeper point. That is how to recognize farm, deep in the shore fishing techniques.

To serve the fishing coast, we often need to use the type of carbon rod, which has eyelet ranging from 4-5.4m long, using spinning machines from 4000 and older, wire 0.4mm-0.5mm long axis. And remember to add parts to prepare for rod racks. It maybe homemade or you can buy on the site, which offers fishing accessories; typically it will have a diameter of 40mm, length of 1m.

After full preparation tools above, you throw the bait in deep space, check for the release freight enough mobil level and wait. When going fishing in the coast areas, we will gain the following fish species as croaker, sea bream, sea bass, sand mullet.

Fishing In The Rock (Rock Angling)

The cliffs are the rocky shore areas connected to the mainland or offshore, in these areas, the water flow will be rapid and continuous wave hit. In this rocky area, there exist a lot of fishes, which is the ideal point of fishing.

These fishes usually occur in rocks like discus, grouper, bream, snapper. And we distinguish the fish  categories by predator: predator fish in mid-water and bottom

With the fish in mid position, the water changes seasonally and water temperature, such as bream. And the fish in bottom water has permanent settlement, they are not easy to leave their living area without the threat as chemicals or larger fish.

In terms of the fishing rod, the fisher can use manual or the rod machine. With the portable rod, it has a length ranging from 4.5 to 9 meters, with numbers from 1.5 to 3.0. For the rod machine, the length is about 4.5m with small eyelet, using the spinning machines or small turtles machine from 2000 to 3000.

Another note for you is that when go fishing in the rocky, it will be more dangerous than others. So, you must seriously take care of the safety. You should thoroughly prepare the protective gear such as life buoys, non-slip shoes, a long and winding sure to force us to make high places and avoid falling into the sea when the waves hit.

Fishing In Tide Breakwater And Harbor Area

Similar to fishing in the cliffs, we also have two ways of fishing: the floating and bottom fishing. The best highlight is to use the bottom fishing, because here, there is the concrete block to reduce the wave, generated a lot of positions and predatory refuge for the fish.

The use of fish utensil should be brought as the fish holding devices, and the necessary instruments as bait containers, landing net. And use Spinning machine 2000-4000. The type of transplant and eyelets may need to indent, longer than 4m to get the suitable elasticity.

Fishing On The Boat

This method is used a lot by anglers in the world to get the big fish. In some Asia countries, it may not common, because most do not have the condition.

Thanks for reading, my name is William. Hopefully with these techniques above of sea fishing, everyone will get the choice fishing areas as well as the best way for your fishing.

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