How To Choose The Best Kayak To Go Fishing?

This article will help you have some instructions if you have started kayaking.

If yes, take sailing classes cost the reseller by kayak or kayak club at your local organization. To choose a good kayak, you should consider some features of this product. Now we will help you choose the best fishing kayak and then you will know how to choose before going in the river.

The go kayak, you should pay attention to paddle and have some skills for this outdoor activity. From that, you will know more and know the way to riding.

How To Go Kayaking?

To start kayaking, sit in the boat. Put your back close to the rear seat, your knees should be bent comfortably so. To find a suitable location to set foot, legs stretched out and shrink a hiccup. If you put your foot too straight, you will feel the pressure to be suppressed lower back. If your legs bent too much, it may be a collision on fixed parts when your knees rowing boat.

To find where to place your hands on the oars, begin with arms parallel to the center and shoulder width. When you put the paddle up overhead, the elbow should create an angle of almost 90º. The length of the blade and the handle outboard paddle your hand position should equal.

Paddle divided into 2 categories, the blade paddle arranged on the same straight line and plane. Paddle type “feathered” not so, they are released deviation certain angles.

The main benefits of the rotating paddle blade is reduced wind resistance and reduce fatigue for the wrist, by 1 roof fan blade paddle blade into the water, the rest will pass wind. This kind of double-edged conventional paddles rotate at an angle difference of 30 to 45 °. Smaller angle wrist easier operation; wider angle, the larger sailing effect.

Rotating paddles are built so that they can single-handedly maintain control. Hand controls will rotate staff at every turn oars rowing oars so that the blade at an angle to the water most efficiently. Most dumped paddle-controlled mining right.

Most tourism paddle disassembled rolling allows changing the controller, changing the angle between the two blade paddle. Hand control is hand does depend on personal preference, not necessarily defined by what you forehand.

Sailing there is a paddle forward. Place the paddle blade horizontal waters toes down, then pull back to the hips. Lift up and rowing oar blade to the other side

Style Of Kayak

A low angle kayak paddle style relaxation with slow rowing rhythm, effective for the long trip. The angle of the flat paddle blade more (more horizontal) when the paddle blade into the water, generally flat bottom and a little longer than for the high-angle blade paddle.

High angle kayak paddle style is more powerful with faster rowing rhythm, preferred to use if the acceleration and maneuverability when moving under water is important. By then need more thrust for every rowing. This is also a good choice for health training.


The length of a kayak paddle 210cm to 260cm between. Paddle suitable size depending on the type of kayak, paddle height and width of the boat.

The Height Of Kayak

Higher boatman paddles longer need to use. Example a tall 6’2 “(1m88) with widths boat 26″ (66cm) will need a 230cm long paddle boating if low angle; a height of 5 ‘(1m52) with widths above the boat will be more comfortable with a 220cm long paddle.

Caution To Go Kayaking

Kayak is easy to use. Begin testing in calm waters, you will be able to gradually adapt to the feeling of sitting in the boat and rowing technique, practice climbing in and out of the cockpit.

Long paddles will allow you to paddle-to-paddle longer steps, but slower than a short paddle. When boating, let loose his hand, without spasticity or holding too tightly.

Relaxed posture, keep your body straight, choosing where to place the foot so that your knees slightly bent. To increase the efficiency of kayaking, not just use your hands, use both shoulder and back, abdominal muscles. However, experienced boaters often use paddles “feathered”, however the boating beginners prefer rowing oar blade square.

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