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Exploit Valuable Instructions For Playing You Long Board Efficiently?

Nowadays, the trend for playing skateboard is becoming more and more typical around the world. However, we are sure that when practicing this sport, a lot of people will get the confusion. As a result, in this article, we would to share all of you the whole experience to choose the good long board brands.

It is said that the larger the long board is, the easier you can be able to fulfill all the skills. However, when choosing the product, a lot of consumers only care about the outside appearance not to check carefully the features of each part. The following detailed information will help you to examine the product easily.

Consider The Grip tape Of The Long Board

It is said that this is the direct part which the player stand on to ski during the time for practicing. As a result, this one has the great influence which can be able to decide the safety of the long board. The conventional grip tape is made from the thin wood layer which can be able to combine together to create the flat surface in order to make the stability of the board as well as its life expectancy during the time of using. It can be said that the size as well as the appearance of the grip tape strongly affect the different types of skiing. As a result, when you have intention of choosing the long board, do not ignore the size as well as the appearance of it to choose the most suitable one.

The Width Of The Grip Tape

It is estimated that the width of the grip tape is often in the range from 7.6 to 8.6 inch. The different type of long board will owns the different width level for the grip tape. It can be said that the wider the grip is, the easier it can be able to carry out all the technique as well as remain the balance for the player.

The Width Of The Two Frame On The Long Board

It can be understood that the width of the two frames is also the width of the two wheel, which can be able to directly affect the comfort of the users during the practicing process. The players who are tall should choose the one which is designed with the long frame. It is said that the larger the frame is, the bigger the diameter of the long board is in order to assist for the board to move smoothly.

The Shape Of The Grip Tape

Each manufacture as well as each type of long board will have the different shape for the surface in order to support for the demand of practicing of the players. The shape of the long board’s surface will have the great influence on the process of rotating as well as cycling of the grip.

The Height Of The Wheel

The height of the wheel is divided into three type’s patterns including the low, the medium as well as the high one. According the experience of many players, it is said that the low one is often used as well as very suitable for those who are beginner in this sport. The medium one is perfect for moving in the park while the high one seems to be the very favorable type to take part in racing.

The Mattress Of The Wheel

This is the soft layer which has the essential role in connecting the wheel with the grip tape. Actually, there will be two types of mattress. The hard mattress can be able to promote the pressure in order to assist the long board become harder and sustainable while the soft mattress is less hard but has the great function in helping the wheel operate smoothly

It can be said that this general information will help the layer become more and more confident in choosing the best product for relaxing. If you want to update more and more information about the new types, its price as well as the time for warranty, do not hesitate to look up the information on our website. We really hope to bring the highest satisfaction as well as the trust relief for all consumers around the world.


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