Some Main Features That You Need To Pay Attention When Choose a Compound Bow

Bowing is not only a famous sport but also a type of equipment in term of hunting equipment beside hunting gun. There are many articles about the best compound bow on the internet that you can read as the instruction for you in order to find the bow suit with your style and provides all of convenients for you during the using time. There are different features of the compound that you need to care about to make sure that you can choose the right types of model and its performance can satisfy your requirements.

In order to make sure that the compound bow that you choose can perform its best and help you during the using time, there are some main features you always need to keep in mind:

Eye Dominance

This is the very first feature that you need to take care about in term of choosing the suitable bow depend on your eyes sight and your vision. You have to identify the eye dominance of your which is the determinant factor if you able to dee the signals or objects at the right position. Or in other simple words, it means that you can see the ‘true’ pictures of object through your eyes.

To identify your eye dominance, there are 3 steps that you need to follow:

  • Placing your hand together with the thumb and forefingers of 2 hands to make the triangle, your arms at full length.
  • Open both your eyes and look throught the triangle that your hands make, concentrating on the center of the triangle
  • The last step, you need to close each eye in a row but still keep looking through your hands,

Comparing the pictures that you can see through 2 eyes, the eye that you can see cleare will be your eye dominance

Draw Length

To measure this feature, you can do by yourself by just some simple steps. Firstly, you need to measure your wingspan and divide this number to 2.5, the result will be your draw length. The right size of the draw length will help you to fell comfortable when use the bow without be too long or too short, affect to the quality of your shoots.

Choosing the suitable length is the feature that all the users have to care about to make sure that they can choose the suitable one since it directly related to the quality of how you can hold the bow and set its position easier and convenient for you to shot.

Axle-to-Axle Length

This feature is the distance between the bow’s cams and the wheel which affects the power of the bow. You need to care about this feature because it directly affect to the using style of your. For example, if you want to go to hunt turkey, deers, or in the large and open space, you should choose the long bow to help you can shot easier and more accurate. The power of the shot is the most important thing that you want to perform with your bow because this is the factor which decide how far the arrow can fly and if you can kill the prey or not. Therefore, with the  axle-to-axle measurement can support you in term of increasing the power of the bow effectively.

Draw Weight

The weight is the feature about the strength that you have to put n the string of the bow to pull it back and shot. It depends on the tension of the string and how hard the bow frame is, so if you are the beginner, you should choose the one that you can handle it but do not affect to the quality and power of the bow. There is no measure tool for people to identify the level of draw weight, so that, you have to try ansd test this feature by yourself and pick out the one that suit with your strength. In the current market, you can choose the type of bow which you can control and adjust the length and the draw weight of the bow to suit with you and the hunting/ shotting conditions in different time.