Advices To Choose The Best Longboard Deck In The Market

Riding longboard is the most famous trend amoung young people in term of sport and transportation. Riding a longboard is not only help you go faster on the road but also help you to make your style of riding. There are many things you need to learn about to make sure that you can choose the suitable type of the longboard and in this post, I want to dig in the field of the deck. Longboard brands are diversity and it cause trouble in time and effort to choose the best one. Below are some advices for you to identify the right one for yoursefl

In this post, I want to introduce you the way to find out the suitable type of the longboard deck base on your riding style, because you know that each riding styl requires different features of the board and for the best performance, you need to choose the right type of the deck for each style.

  1. Cruising/ Carving

This style is the most common and popular of riding longboard style among people because with this style, you can easier to learn about the basic skills of riding a longboard. And this style also is the classicest riding style, which had gotten popular in the early of 1990s. The pintail shape is the identify characteristic of this deck and usually has the lenth from 40 to 45 inches. The deck of this style need to provide the flexibility, powerful feeling, and easy to help perform pumping – which are the main skills of carving. The deck also need to strong enough for the pushing around and need a tail to help you control the speed of riding down the hill. Beside pintail, there are some other design of the tail or some trick in the design to make it more attractive but above all of them, you need to make sure that the board can help you to perform the pose perfectly

  1. Road Riding

Many people have choosen the longboard as the main transportation vehicle in the city road or in the campus. So there are some point you need to pay attention for. Firstly is the size of the deck, because this is the longboard for city road riding, the size and design of the deck need to suitable for the road condition, help you to ride easily in the middle of 2 cars or in the narrow space. The best size is from 20 to 40 inches and the size of wheel base is from 15 to 22”. Shorter board is the better choice for you to ride in crowd area and help you to control the board better. Kicktail is the most common design for this style but you also can choose other design as well, it is depend on what you want to do with the board: using as vehicle simply or using for training oter rising style.

  1. Pushing or Jumping Riding Style

In the market, there are some special design of the deck which is used to train and perform long distance pushing skills or jumping up high with the board. The deck of this longboard is usually designed with long size (38 to 42 inches) and close to the ground. These features help the users to push up easier and perform more stable poses to the rider. To reduce the distance from the deck and the round, they provide the double drop decks or drop the deck through mounting. The deck for pushing or pumping also can be a good choice for city road riding users which is the best for moderate distance.

  1. Freestyle

Freestyle is the best choice of style if you are the beginner because you cna learn and find what is the most suitable riding style for you. As all of you know that, freestyle riding does not have any clearly requirements about the type, design, or accessories of the board deck because the users can perform whatever they want with this style. Because of that, the deck for freestyle riding need to be flexible in order to use in different techniques and skills. The best choice of length should be from 20 to 28 inches and need to provide the stable for the riders.