How to choose a mountain bike cheap and good quality?

Reason for choosing a mountain bike that is cheaply seems very difficult for many people because they do not perform when you want to go and buy a bike. Those with the big matter we must be encountered when we buy a mountain bike, a bicycle is a bicycle would fit them. It seems to have some matters with the bicycle are the speakers delve on the bike. Selection of the mountain bike with affordable not only takes much time studying, but you must be very careful in order to buy one most suitable vehicle.

The first criteria when choosing a bike that fits like clothes you wear on you. There is a best mountain bikes under 1000 fit and ensure you have the best control and it is easy to reduce risk as the possibility of an accident or injury can have when riding. The second Article is comfortable. A bike does not fit like clothes. If it is too wide, you do not feel right and discomfort. There are both accurate feeling ensure a safe trip.

Therefore, what we should pay attention when buying is comfort. What ensures that it is professional bike and did not even need a new bike, still used effectively as usual.

  • Make sure the height of the bike is right

A bike is to have distance at least 2-inches between bikes and crotch people aligned horizontal bar on top of the chassis when you sit in the car and against the legs to the ground. If greater distances will make you harder to control and small distances lead to injury. Riding a bike, the terrain most often is way and the frame of bike too stiff to withstand affecting when the bicycle. Solid chassis, good weld and lightweight contributes framework for the bike.

Having a safe trip is the thing that everyone want; make sure that the bike must adapt some criteria to deceleration. Because mountain bikers go through terrain so the bike must have a system decelerate rapidly in the harsh environment. Suspension system more like shock absorber front, before the next full suspension. It is so important part of choosing a bicycle, people prefer the damper fully before then, and most mountain bikers often choose a front suspension damping.


  • The brakes of the bike

Two different types of brakes that you need to know V-brakes standards ensure that the brakes are upgraded and checked regularly. Having a good grasp of what this note is to choose one that is not only with affordable price but also safe when using the mountain bike, you get comfortable trip.

  • How to ride faster, farther and more efficiently

The best cyclist often saving their energy. They wear a metered pace, seeking to calculate every calorie consumption and heart rate. That is because, in the end, burn slowly chap- energy use energy efficiently in the long term, so that you can look at each base station attack before opening sprint to win war final victory. We refer to the secret of some cyclists. Follow these tips to go faster, farther, and more efficient.

  • Find the most suitable location

Focus on maintaining a good position on the bike. If you are unsure about appropriate placement, consult with a bicycle shop. Locate the right to do so does not sit too far forward or leaning forward too much energy lead to poor communication, and can even lead to injury.

  • Select the appropriate pedal cadence

So ride with an appropriate cadence will help your muscles and foot health. When slopes, always remember to choose transfer the gear to beat 90-95; your tires will quickly slow down when you pedal at 65 or 70 cycles / minute. – According to the advice of Evelyn Stevens, 2 times 2 times US champion and world championship trials

  • Save your strength

When the legs are healthy, tend to push the pace. It is better to gently pedal in the first half when playing road or train journey, so you will still fit on the end of the ramp. You not only have a total end time faster, but also enjoy the last hours on the bike.

  • Let your legs do the work

Try to keep your upper body stable at appropriate locations, because the more you go as much, your energy consumption as quickly as they were. Let us focus on the comfort and put effort into the pedals.