You are interested in buy a new mountain bike? You are considered about hundred of information and do not know what is the true? Before you make your dicision, it is definitly useful information for you. In the market, there are various mountain bike lines that have price range from hundred to thousand dollar, for those one, who do not the professional atheletes, you can choose the best mountain bikes under 1000, it is have full function as other types and good price at the same time. There are 3 main types of mountain bikes on the market currently: Rigid – bike with no reduce shock absorber system, Hardtail – in front reduce shock absorber system, and the last one is Full-suspension – both front and rear reduce shock absorber system.


  1. Identify your current budget for buying mountain bike

The very first step you should do is knowing clearly about your purposes when buying a new mountain bike, which is not cheap. What is the roles of this bike in your life: using as a priviate transportation stuff, or entertainment. Identify the right and exactly purposes will give you a direction to buy the right bike and then know how much money you should and can pay for a mountain bike. And remember, beside the bike, you also need some accesories before want to take a ride such as: helmets, gloves, or clothes. You should closely check the price of the bike you want to bike and the accessories belonging.

  1. Checking the local IBD first (IBD is the local Independent Bicycle Dealers)

It is the best place where you should take a look first before you checking for the bike information on the internet, it is clearly that, local store is more convenient if you want to buy the replace stuff and services when your bike has problems. It is not like when you seeing the bike through the laptop screen, in local store, you can see the real on by your eyes, with the real accessories and colour, and can have a trial to have the feeling about the bike if it suitable for you or not. Before you come in the local store, you need to really to understand your fanancial situation, remember that, in the store, the ability to make you buy more stuff that was not essential is high, so do not ashame to ask the store staff to know more about the price and abilities of the bike. There is no dount that you can buy the cheaper bike on the internet, however, checking the information carefully, because, not like in the local store, it is not easy to turn it back after the bike is deliveried.

  1. Checking the size and structure of the mountain bike

The first thing is you need to checking the frames of the mountain bike that you want to buy, what is it made from: alloy, steel, aluminum or carbon? The material will decide the price of the bike, if it is made from steel, aluminum, it will be more expensive. Moreover, the height is the most important factor that decide the safety and the appearance when you riding bike, so be honest with your real height and make the smart decisions. The second thing you need to pay attention about is the size of wheel, the 26 inchs is one of the most popular of bike, the same size with the bike using to ride in the cities. The size of the wheel also depend on the condition of the way you ride and the distance. In addition, you should check about the bike’s drives, chains, gears if it still works and should ask the staff for more information and explaination about what you do not undestand.

For checking the comfortable, you can stand with both feet on the pedan, left the bike’s head from the ground for 7 – 8 cm and see it stable. The distance from the handle to your hand also is a big problem if you do not feel confortable when riding.

Last but not least, you really need to take the trial ride to experienced it fuction and running process and see if it suitable for you, ask the staff to make sure you can ride it in the right way.