Nowadays, families tend to prefer going camping to taking part in other activities or other entertaining games. The reason is that they want to enjoy fresh air and live with the nature. To have a successful camp, people have to prepare a lot of utensils to raise the tent, to cook and to hold outdoor games. In this article, we will provide you with useful knowledge of  best camping tents which is considered to be the most important camping equipment.

We all know that in the market, there are a wide variety of tents and each type is suitable for each style of camping and different hobbies of people. Here we will introduce to you some types of tents and some related information as bellows.

  1. Types of tents

As usual, we only purchase a large tent of traditional style whereby we only need to use four tent pegs to pitch the tents. However, in the modern times, there are more types of  tents of creative and interesting frames such as A – frame, dome – frame or tunnel tent. Children often prefer an A – frame tent since it is quite small and cute while adults like dome – frame which can give an airy space for the whole families.

  1. The way to use the tent

In terms of using the tent, there are a lot of things that we should take notice of. Here, we will mention some for you.

  • Position to pitch the tent
  • We should raise the tent in a space which has a lot of trees.
  • We had better choose a smooth land which does not have grits, big roots or bushes. We should clean the rubbish thoroughly.
  • When pitch the tent you should avoid win direction. It blows directly the tent.
  • Do not pitch the tent next to large trees. It is so dangerous when it rains.
  • Do not raise the tent near dry riverbeds. When the flood happens, we do not solve timely.
  • The way to pitch the tent

In order to pitch a tent quickly and properly, we need to be trained the way to pitch the tent. When raise the tent, we need about from 2 to 8 members. Members need to be trained skillfully.

  • Notes
  • Piles should be pitched 45’ outward.
  • The pile B and C are aligned in order to form a rectangle around the tent.
  • Two poles 1 and 2 and two ropes A1 and A2 are situated on a straight line.
  • Two tent poles have to run parallel to land.
  • The piles B1, B2, B3 and B4 cut the corner of the tent into two parts.


  • The way to fold the tent

Similar to pitch the tent, when we fold the tent, we should make respectively in order to be quickly and neatly. We should clean all things in the tent and around the tent.

  1. The standard of a tent


  • The tent needs to be set up quickly.
  • The roof of the tent is stretching and straight and it do not have any wrinkles.
  • The tent has to be proportioned and beautiful.
  • The tent should have a drainage system.


  1. The essential things to pitch the tent

In order to complete a tent quickly and easily, we need some tools and necessary things which are suitable for the tent we are using.


Rope: available tens often have ropes if not we have to bring them. We should choose the kind of rope which are soft, easy to use and suitable for the size and color of the tent. We should avoid using the kind of the rope difficult to see if not, members are easy to fall down.

Pile: depending on hard or soft land, we will use long or short piles, metal piles or bamboo piles…

Tent pole: the tent pole is equivalent to the size of tent, which helps the tent not to open for too long poles. In fact, we should use a pole about 1.60 m.

To sum up, going camping requires careful preparation and a number of skills as mentioned above. We hope that you will have a good time with your relatives.