There are a large number of types of fishing machines and diffrent brands.  If you do not have any experience, you are easy to be confused among types of fishing rods, so it is difficult for you to decide your favorite sword. What is the machine with standards of best baitcasting reel? First of all, we have to pay attention that sometimes it is not necessary for you to spend a lot of money to buy the appropriate fishing rod, in other words, sometimes we just need one moderate amount of money and experience, we can purchase a standard fishing rod. We provide you with some following experience that you can learn from:

1 / Length

A standard fishing rod to combat multifaceted usually 4.5 m in length, 5.4 m. Meanwhile, for the type of fishing rod specialized to hit the hole in rub dirt in the river, or a type of shorter fishing rod, 3.6 m or 2, 7m, only is suitable for fishing underside. The most convenient and popular fishing rod is 4.5m in length.

2 / Quality

Even in 1 bucket with dozens of  famous brand of fishing rod with the same series, there are a number of wrong machines. Not until you buy that rod and catch fish, the fishing line is explosive, you can see it. Therefore, how can people realize the fishing rod with best quality and unsurpassed among new and alike as two drops of water? First of all, you should pay attention to the exterior paint.  The smoother the paint is, the better. Moreover, The waterproof fishing rod without scratches is a good one. Accordingly, If people choose to buy the fishing rod with pieces having lumpy wrapping layer, then claw hands, or look at them, they will feel a lumpy wrapping layer horizontally seperated parts of fishing rod. Furthermore, These kinds of fishing rod would be durable. People must withdraw each fishing rod to check outside of  each small piece if it is tiny cracked or not?.

One more tip is that when choosing a fishing rod we have to know is: At last largest piece, with 1 knob underneath, if we use our hand to twist it out,  We’ll be able to look and observe all the pieces from the inside tube and then we can realize if that fishing rod made mistake by manufarture or not. If inner of this rod tubes are round, not dented, deformed, a equal thickness having lampy lever like coconut fiber, this type is very durable and strong.
3 / Check the straightness the stiffness of rod

For “ six fishing”, people should choose a fishing rod having the stiffness and a big hole of reel of fishing line. Besides, “single blade fishing” is required to use a fishing rod with the adverage stiffness, the tip of the stem have ductility, ring of reel  has an average small size. The most convenient standard fishing rod is especially kind of 4.5m in length when it is withdrawed , and when it is huddled, it is only 60-70 cm in length to put it into the cover and be easy to travel on every terrain.

4 / Preservation of fishing rod:

People should limit to the fishing rod dipping soaked, usually clean it, carefully insert it into the cover. If the rings running the fishing line have been loosed and slipped, we should not pour death glue into it because  it will be difficult to change another ring in the future. Instead, we had better tear a small piece of thin nylon, wrap around the head of the small piece of fishing rod, then vortex rings again, which make it certainly strong. At the bottom of the largest piece of fishing rod, there is a knob and a drainage hole, which is often very small and stuck, we can use a sharp head of scissors make the drainage holes larger, which supports the best drainage ability of fishing rod. case when a foreign object stuck hooks under Ho, we should only need straight nose down, draw up charges to drag your tongue, not so dragged should bend like pulling fish, very harmful to.