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Forests in the world are home to many types of wild animals. Many of them are listed in the rare animals of the world that need to be preserved and developed. However, human beings’ demand for parts of those animals has caused hunting seasons every year, reducing the number of wild creatures and making them disappear within a short period of time. For instance, monkeys, bears and birds are being hunted and people hardly see them in the forests now. Instead, they find these animals in the dishes in the restaurants. Nowadays, modern devices supporting hunting like the best rifle scope have been contributing to killing animals around us. What happen if people continue hunting animals? In this article, we will mention some results of hunting.

  1. The living environment is threatened

We can see that the number of animals of the world is reducing at alarming speed. The first reason is that hunting and exploring the old habits and behaviors. With the natural condition, almost all the animals can survive and live well. However, when people begin chasing and catching animals, the life of animals has changed considerably.

Looking the matter in details, according to statistics, in some regions in East Asia, every year, there are about thousands of animals are killed for meat, leather and bones. Common animals are tigers, bears and some smaller types as birds, squirrels and foxes.

People also cut down trees for wood and to make room for constructing. Therefore, recently, the world is always faced with disasters such as droughts, floods and dry seasons.

Another explanation is climate changes in the forests have considerable influences in the growth of creatures. In fact, there has been a decrease in the number of wild animals but people do not know exactly how many of them and they do not know whether rare animals are extinct or not.

There are more adverse effects of hunting wild animals and we can claim that hunting has been indirectly losing the ecological balance and our life as well. All the creatures, including human beings live in a binding circle. If the animals are killed, our life seems to lack an important power.

  1. Animals are put into extinction

As said above, due to the demand of people for animas, the number of them is decreasing. Big animals are standing right in the border between living and dying. A lot of types of birds are extinct. There are about 10- 15 million kinds of creatures living in our world. However, this number is still being reduced. Although, as a whole, the number seems to be large, each type of creature remains just some thousand.

Very few people know that natural life is related to our life so when the wild life is destroyed, people’s living environment is also changed in a bad way. The extinction of animals is not only due to their living environment but mainly the activities of human beings. Trapping, hunting and killing a large number of wild animals directly lead to this extinction.

The number of big animals like elephants, rhinoceroses is very small in the world. If people still continue hunting, we can hardly see such innocent animals. Some national parks in the world take full of their responsibility to protect wild animals while some others in remote areas often ignore the life of animals. The keepers do not feed the animals so they die of being hungry and thirsty.

  1. Protecting animals

Improving the intellect level of people about natural environment is extremely necessary. There are a lot of courses for students and adults about ecology and managing biological diversity. This will help our society realize the importance and necessity of the environment. Also, it can prevent illegal activities affecting the natural life.

Connecting the community is one of the most effective ways to propagandize protective plans. The voice of one person is not enough but if the whole society raises their voices, we can change the circumstances.

Nowadays, young generations can realize that hunting is just for their benefit and for fun. Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter… can help us popularize every plan protecting the wild life. We are able to use this way to gather people who want to shield the nature. If there is any plan or campaign, you just post it on your private sites and your friends will help you spread out the information.

As we learn, the animals are innocent so they do not have to receive the death. Only people destroy animals’ life and only people can save them. Instead of killing them, people can look for other sources to explore and discover, not the animals. Both each individual and the government need to take steps to protect our life.