Gym equipments for use

It is the popular tendency that people are going to the gym to develop and improve their health conditions and keeping fit. A gym is located everywhere with a lot of modern equipped machines and devices for every kind of gym exercises. Basically, there are 2 major types of devices in the normal gym that are machine and free weight. Different from other kinds of exercises, going to the gym will require people to know about the benefit and how to function of each machine they are going to use otherwise they can hurt themselves due to misuse.

While free weight is used to enhance muscle which is preferred by men and sport athlete machine is more employed at home for women. An indoor cycling bike is the most popular thanks to its ease to use and great benefit to keep fit. A recent spin bike reviews have shown that 80% of home users are using this kind of gym exercise with great satisfaction.

Type of gym: free weight

It is the basic type of gym device which is highly dedicated for keeping fit. It is called free weight because it is made of the dumbbell, the plate of weight rather than pulley or pin. Free weight can have a wide range of exercise with tool to build up the body. The so called swiss ball can be one of the exercise that doing good to health shape especially for women. It will operate thanks to the bench movement of the back lying against the ball. Actually, you can do it to improve the elasticity and pressure of any parts of the body as the ball can be rolled and moved.

Bench is another popular tool of free weight which is widely used by a lot of people. It is a simple tool as it is the only solid bench for people to seat then that can do some special kinds of movement to improve the benching of the body. The bench can be flat, inclining or declining. It is up to the users’ preference in use. The difference in the beveling can create different benefit to users as well as appropriate to each kinds of movements and health improvement.


Type of gym: machine

All gym has machines as machines can provide users much more range of exercises. Different kinds of machine will be suitable with each kind of exercise, for instance an individual machine can work well with some parts of the body while the multifunctional machine can be useful for the whole body. Normally, people will be fond of multifunctional machines as the cost is cheaper but having a wide range of choice for exercises and users.

Of course, when in use machines can have their pros and cons. However, all kinds of machines are easy to use and rather safe. Compared to the free weight, the machine does not tentatively focus on muscle improvement but to balance the whole body. A good exercise for whole body could be the combination of free weight and machine in gym. Machine can be designed for leg and arm exercise only for dedicated users.

A spin bike cycling is the most loved gym equipment at home. It is suitable for all types of ages and health status. It is very simple to use as what you need to do is just like when you take a bike outside. It is free of battery or electricity so it is rather safe and need little maintenance at home. The spin bike is useful for improving health status, keeping fit and reducing stomach fat. The convenience it can bring is that you can practice it whatever you like in a day. The time for practicing depends on your preference and health condition.

By doing exercise in gym, there is a need for several accessories such as gloves, belts and so on to protect the users from collision and any injuries which may happen during the exercise. Furthermore, it is advised that the users should know which types of free weight and machine to use, especially these tools must be in line with the capacity and health status of the users. Trying to work more than accepted condition can worsen the body rather than improving it.