Nowadays, the popularity of smoked foods has been growing steadily. If you love smoked foods too, it is a good idea to purchase an electric smoker – a practical and efficient cooking appliance that brings you not only delicious dishes but also helps you save a lot of time and effort dedicated to cooking. Are you new to this wonderful appliance and don’t know when to start? Then take a look at our instruction and experience for yourself the comfort that this appliance provides

  • Decide the type of electric smoker to use

Before you want to smoke your food, it is crucial that you have the right appliance to do so.

There are many different models of electric smokers on the market. Make sure you know well about their pros and cons before deciding to purchase. If you set our eyes on the versatile and practical Bradley model, reading Bradley smoker reviews is a good way to start.

Even though electric smokers come in various types, the two most common types are:

  • Vertical water electric smokers: they don’t cost much and mainly operate effectively in warm months. The head escapes very fast in cold weather. Therefore, if you intend to use your smoker frequently all year round, this may not be a good choice.
  • Electric cabinet smokers: they usually offer core temperature control, unlike with vertical water electric smokers; therefore they can be used efficiently at any time of the year.
  • Read manufacturers’ instructions carefully

Now that you have an electric smoker, it is time you read the instructions carefully before you use it. There will be risks involved if you don’t; for example you may set the temperature too high.

  • Find a proper place to put the smoker

You should not just place your electric smoker anywhere, especially when good ventilation is requied. It is ideal to put it in a dry, safe, open place with flat surface.

  • Season the smoker for first-time use

Your smoker needs season first before you start to use it to burn off all the dusts or residues inside. Even though this process may differ depending on which type of electric smoker you use, the basic principle is coating the smoker’s surface and racks with cooking oil and let it run for 2-3 hours.

  • Prepare and season your meat or fish

Slow cooking with an electric smoker provides the smoking flavor and tender meat but you still need to season your input to make your food even more delicious. It is up to you to marinade your meat/fish or dry rubs it with salt, herbs or any other suitable ingredients. Give the meat enough time to absorb the flavor; let it stay seasoned overnight if possible.

  • Add water or woodchip

If you have a vertical water electric smoker, add water to the pan so that the water steams make the meat really tender. For additional flavor, you add stuff like beer, wine or juice in the water pan as well.

For the type of smokers that use wood chips, fill up the tray with woodchips. You can easily get them at a hardware shop. They are also available at grocery stores too. Remember that an electric smoker consume much less woodchips as compared to a traditional charcoal smoker. Only about 4 cups of wood chips are required for 3-5 hours of smoking.

  • Set the temperature

It is important that you set the right temperature for the electric smoker and wait under the desired temperature is reach before putting the meat inside.

  • Put your meat inside the smoker

When the temperature reached the required level, you can put the meat on the racks inside the smoker right away or wait a little bit until you the clean smoke you want.

  • Check the meat and wait until it is done

The electric smoker does most of the work but we still need to make sure our food is not overcooked. Monitoring the internal temperature is required for perfect smoking. Insert a meat thermometer into the center of the meat and you will know if more cooking time is required or not – it is more effective than cutting the meat open.


An electric smoker does not require a lot of maintenance. Spend a little time cleaning up after each use and you won’t find yourself in need of a new one anytime soon.

Cleaning up an electric smoker is easy. Normally, you just need to take out the water pan, drip pan and racks, and then clean them with soapy water.

If you are an expert in cooking with an electric smoker, the above guide may seem very easy for you but it can be useful for people who are not familiar with this appliance. We trust that they will soon warm up to this automatic, versatile and easy-to-use cooking appliance.