Today, I would like to give readers some respects considered most when people give review of best air rifle in 2015. In general, the most popular air rifle is gamo silent cat. However, in particular, in each special feature, there is a different name of gun and rifle.

  1. Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the most important features a hunter expecting of their air rifle. A rifle with high accuracy is which has two folds. In small game, the target is small so that it is hard for you to know whether you shoot the target accurately or not, especially when the distance between hunter and the target is far. Moreover, if the senses of critters are keen, it is much more difficult.

If the rifle or gun of you is not accurate, your mood and the game also will surely be ruined. Moreover, if you shoot the wrong target, other animal might be alarmed and run away. If the animal you are hunting is small and gentle, this is good; however, if they are dangerous, you even might get in troubles.

  1. Fierce humanity

Even if you are a hunter; you should do everything with high humanity. I would like to kill my target in a human way. Many people think that hunter consider kill an animal as a very easy way. In fact, they are human, they do not consider kill animals assuming. A hunter who does hunting humanly is the one to kill any animal in a painless way and without suffering from any long term pain.

For the mentioned above reason, when a hunter shoot the target, he should shoot correctly in a deathful point so that the target can kill immediately. For instance, hunters should shoot at the target heart or head to ensure that this animal not to suffer from long – term painfulness.

  1. Power

Power is so important to make a successful hunting trip. For high power, an air rifle is extremely suitable. However, the power of the gun is up to the scale of the hunting trip.

The power is related to the speed of the bullet. Many hunters are in favor of combining the power of the caliber and the speed of the gun to make a great custom gun for the hunting trip. For instance, a gun with 350 fps shot like a Daisy Red Ryder is not really powerful. You should choose the power of the gun suitable with the size of the target. However, a Ruger Blackhawk combo, which is also a 177 but at 1000fps, is considered more powerful. With this gun, you can hunt big animals like bear, fox and so on.

If you are in favor of hunting small pieces like bird, coyote, there is no need for you to buy high power gun. You only need to buy a hand gun to hunt birds and small animal.

  1. The ease of use

When you use anything, you always want to use it as easy as possible. When you use a gun in a hunting trip, the ease of use of your rifle or hand gun is important to the success of the hunting trip as well as the safety of hunters. The use of gun and rifle is not only related to the weight and the suitability of the gun. Moreover, the number of shoots you can shoot in once is also very important. For instance, a CPC gun with so limited shots so that it is quite disliked by hunters.

There are four aspects to estimate an air rifle or hand gun. They are the ease of use, power, fierce humanity and accuracy. If you want to have the best air rifle for you hunting trip, you should choose a gun with combination of four aspects above. However, it is not easy to choose a gun like this and it is surely that if a gun has combination of four aspects above, it will cost the earth. Therefore, you should also consider your budget to decide which rifle or gun is suitable for you most. There is no need to try hard to by an expensive gun or rifle if you do not have enough money.