Nine facts of mountain biking that not many people know

Every body’s childhood is attached to the memory of ridding three – wheel bike and falling down from the new two – wheel bike. I remember the first time I rode a bike; I almost crashed into my mother’s food stall and got some rockets. However, this memory is great. When I drove my bike fluently, I felt like I triumphed the greatest achievement in the world. This memory also marked my first maturity.

Things have changed a lot. Children now do not experience the same things as their parents did. They often spend time on the couch playing video games with friends and enjoy fast food like pizza, hamburger, and fried chicken wings of KFC and so on. Life is so easy for them; as a result, they do not have much power and ambition to do anything that seems a bit adventurous. This is the reason why many parents encourage their children to take part in mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a very popular mountain sport. Each mountain bike riders have to overcome a lot of challenges on the road to the top of the mountain. People who play this outdoor sport get a lot of benefit for not only their health but also their mental development. Moreover, along the road to the finish of the bike riding, riders can explore the beauty of nature as well as breathe fresh air. Though people talk a lot about bike riding, not many people know about the history and some other things of this sport. Today, I will give you a chance to explore nine interesting facts of mountain biking.

  1. First, in terms of its history, this outdoor sport first appeared and developed in California, the United States in 1970. Mount Tamalpais is the mountain where the first mountain bike riding routine happened. The founders of this mountain sport are 4 sport players: Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Keith Bontrager, Charlie Cunningham and Tom Ritchie. The first mountain bike was designed with coaster brakes on the purpose of going downhill. It means that at the first period of mountain bike riding history, to ride downhill, mountain bike riders had to transport their bikes uphill. It is not easy for the five founders to improve the original bike at the first period into extreme modern and convenient like the mountain bike now. For instance, balloon tires were installed to increase adaption to the road conditions of the mountain bike. The coaster brakes were also repacked with grease to reduce the increase of heat during riding.
  2. At the Atlanta Olympics, a Netherland person named Bart Jen Brentjens triumphed over every other competitors to win the first gold trophy of mountain biking.
  3. There are 5 types of mountain biking that are cross country, winter downhill, free ride, endurance and extreme. Even though the five different types of mountain biking have similar principles when playing, there are still some distinctive ones from each other. Moreover, each type of mountain biking requires players to have different requirement and ability but the foremost and most basic thing they need is a good mountain bike.
  4. It was not until 1995 that downhill mountain biking was launched to become the first extreme game.
  5. In 1997, downhill mountain biking was also included in extreme sports in the winter X – games.
  6. It is not use the brakes in mountain biking. In this sport, to use brakes, you are required to use the combination of both head and hand. In other word, you need to be so skillful that you know whether you should hold the brakes or not. Every mountain bikers have to learn a lot to be skillful to use brakes via both mountain biking course and practices.
  7. The official non – profit organization to advocate in the improvement and preservation of trails for not only mountain bikers but also all the bikers all over the world named The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) was founded in 1988.
  8. The Tibetan part of Mount Everest is at the height of 17,160ft. This is where the World’s highest Trans Himalayan mountain bike race was held.
  9. The distance between Canada and Mexico is the longest mountain bike race over the world.