Favorite Mountain sports in summer

Not only student, children but also everybody always wait for summer to enjoy best vacations with friend and family. Beach is one of the most popular entertaining places during summer, especially when the weather is extremely hot and awful. Many people enjoy sport activities under water like Cuba diving, swimming and many other outdoor sport activities.

Water makes people feel great in hot weather. However, it is easier for sport players to get sick when they play on the beach. The sunshine on the beach is extremely dangerous with high ultra – violet and more. Particularly, parents need to be really careful when they allow their children to go out on the beach. First, if parents let their children out of their eyes, many dangers of the sea are waiting for them. Secondly, children’s resistance is not as good as adult; as a result, it is easy for them to get sick and need special caring. Therefore, in summer, many people choose to hit the mountain instead of going to the sea.

The weather in high terrain is cooler than that in delta areas. Even in some mountains, you can enjoy snow of winter during summer. Moreover, in some other areas, there is four seasons in one day: spring in the morning, autumn and summer during the day and winter at the night. Is anything greater than that? One more advantage of hitting the mountain is that the expenditure is less than that of going to the sea with whole family. Last but not least, the variety of mountain sports is as good as that of water sports on the beach or in the sea. Now, I will introduce you most popular mountain sports for you and your family to enjoy in summer vacation.

  1. Mountain biking

Bike and biking are so popular with every person that they got used to bike and biking since they were children. However, when you ride a bike on another more adventurous terrain, you will have other feelings. If you are the type of person who always prefer to riding buy wandering everywhere without a destination, I think mountain biking is perfectly suitable for you. Riding a bike on mountain is not similar to riding a bike on the road of your downtown, it is another story. Mountain biking allows you to train your endurance and reach your limit which you haven’t met yet. Which I like best about mountain biking is its ability to raise bike riders’ ambition. The higher I already reach, the higher I want to continue to reach.

  1. Hiking and Trekking

For some people, walking in the super market with full if conditioned air is greatest; however, for people who love nature so much, nothing is able to be compared with walking among nature to enjoy the peace and tranquility of living creatures in the forest. For the second type of people, I am sure that they are completely in love with hiking and trekking in the summer. After the summer, there are a great number of things including hidden areas in the forest and even new pieces of animal there. You will not regret that you take an adventure with hiking and trekking in this summer.

  1. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an appropriate outdoor sport to test people’s endurance and bravery. In this outdoor sport, you are required to use combination of both of your brain and your muscle. This means that you need to use your intelligence to control your muscle and decide when and how to take a step on rocks. Therefore, no one can tell sport players stupid.

  1. Water sports

Even mountain sports consist of some water sports. Truly saying, nobody will deny enjoying the fresh water in small lake or fall in the mountain. There is not any water sport in the categories of mountain sports being able to be compared with rafting. Like many other mountain sports, rafting requires players to be brave and in favor of taking risks and adventures.

  1. Camping

Camping seems to be the most popular group outdoor activities in summer. It is extremely beneficial to enhance family’s unity. It is sure that after the camping trip, the bonds between your family’s members will be tightened. Moreover, activities among the camping trips are good for you to train natural skills of your children. Camping is favorite mountain sport of not only children but also people at every age.

  1. Rock skiing

Snow skiing is popular with almost everyone but rock skiing is quite strange to most of people. Its riskiness makes it less popular than other mountain sports. To play rock skiing, you need to choose a suitable rock that is big and flat enough to ski. This is an extreme sport so that if you are not strong, wise and brave enough, you should not try it once.