Basic knowledge about mountaineering

In categories of mountain sport, there is a sport named mountaineering. What you need to do in this sport is climbing a mountain. People who play mountaineering are mountaineers. This mountain sport is quite new to almost all people. However, people actually play this sport long time ago but they just give it a simple name “climbing mountain”. We both know that mountain is much bigger than a hill and also much rougher. It means that a mountaineer has to train much more than a hill climber.

Truly saying, climbing up the mountain is so common to everyone since it was very tradition. At first, people did not consider mountaineering an adventure sport. They think that mountain is living areas of many people; as a result, climbing up and down the mountain every day is essential requirement of people. However, when people move to the lower areas such as valley and delta, everything changed a lot. Nowadays, in many countries, mountaineers have to have several qualifications to be able to take part in this game. I would like to give you an overview of qualifications for mountaineers in US and UK

  1. Walking group leader

This qualification is given to the leader of a group of mountaineers. It is not easy for a mountaineer to become a leader of ta group.

  1. Mountain leader award

This is more than a qualification. It is an honor to the leader of a mountaineer group to show the respect to the leader with his achievements.

If the two above qualifications are given to leader of a group of mountaineers in summer conditions, the followings qualification is given in winter conditions.

  1. Winter Mountain Leader Award

This qualification is similar to the second qualification. This is to emphasize and show respect to the devotion of group leader of mountaineers in winter conditions. As you know, the weather during the walking trip on the mountain directly affects the safety and success of the trip. The leader has to be in charge of directing the whole group during the trip to face and overcome every challenge of the weather and nature giving to the whole team.

  1. Single Pitch Award

The short form of Single Pitch Award is SPA. This award is given to person who is in charge of supervising and leading the group when they climb walls and single pitch crags.

  1. Mountain Instructor Award

The mountain instructor award are the combination of the mountain leader award and record of the devotion to instruct the group of mountaineers in almost all areas with the most exact instruction as well as the most useful one.

  1. International mountain leader

This qualification is the desire of almost every mountain leader in the world. International mountain leader is the qualification has power in almost every country in the world such as UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Belgium. When you have this qualification, it means that your qualifications are recorded in all over the world. Every year, there are a lot of mountaineers nominates to this qualification. They have to have a lot of skills and techniques to fight with a lot of other mountain leader in other countries.

  1. UIAGM guide

UIAGM stands for Union Internationale des Associations de Guide de Montagne. From the name, you can guess this prize or qualification originated from France. There is not any other qualification is higher than this qualification. This qualification holder is the one who includes a lot of natural instincts and trained skills and techniques as well as experience that he gets via real competitions.